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The Water Store & Bakehouse/ Autism Heroes, is a family-owned business we started to help fund the non-profit charity, Calling All Autism Heroes, which is our passion and created in honor of our sons Joseph and Max. Both boys are amazing, intelligent, funny, loving, and compassionate. Joseph is autistic and nonverbal with delays while Maxwell is not.  In addition to typical life lessons we all go through, each of our boys face individual struggles that living with Autism cause. As parents, we watch our children struggle daily with this and pray that we are giving them enough tools to cope and thrive as individuals, and as a family unit.


Orion Ox Water Company is a business model that incorporates a life/work balance that will be introduced around the nation and the world to other families that are living with Autism as a way to provide income for their families and to help fund their state chapter.  This venture is the cornerstone that will allow us to create and build our vision for our family and all families who need the support, resources and companionship of others like us, living with autism, to have the best life possible while managing our lifestyle.


Why did we choose to sell water?

Other than air, water is the most essential element to life. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. When we intake the correct amount of water, we feel and look our best. When our son Joseph does not have enough water, we can tell. We look at his diet and will modify it to include additional water sources to help improve his mood and disposition. We do this especially when he has had processed foods without any nutritional value.  When Joe is swimming in the water, he is at his best. The struggle of his world is paused, and he is happy and content. Water is the most important game changer to us and because of that, we are using it to connect our world to yours.


As parents of a neuro-typical child and one with autism, we have learned to choose our battles, strive for balance and to give ourselves grace when we don’t get there. Providing premium, purified waters to our family and community is our way to win a health battle that improves the quality of life for all of our families. Please come and visit us soon or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 25% of all proceeds go directly to Calling All Autism Heroes mission!  Want to learn how to become an Autism Hero too?  Visit for more information.


We thank you so much and look forward to providing you and your families with our refreshing and thirst quenching premium waters!



The Jewett’s

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